Greg Proops Net is the brainchild of professional freelance web designer and social media marketer Diane Shreve, a young Arizonan ASU graduate who adores comedy, particularly the works of Gregory Proops, a talented and intellectual comic whom she both admires and appreciates. Greg Proops Net was born unto these interwebs on January 5th, 2008, and has since been nurtured to evolve into the best resource for Greg news, information, multimedia, and photographs on the world wide web.  As Mr. Proops has said himself, Greg Proops Net is ‘the archive’.

      Amongst fans of the popular improv show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’, Diane had already been fairly well known for her work on another of her original sites, Ryan Stiles Net. After becoming familiar with the talents of the Big Ocelot, Diane decided it was high time for a new website – a website to act as a premiere source for all things Proops.  As such, Greg Proops Net was created and now features approximately 300 pages, 10,000 pictures, 600 video clips, 150 articles and interviews, hundreds of audio downloads, and more.  The site continues to expand on almost a daily basis, with new files being added frequently.

      Mr. Greg Proops himself has been very supportive of Greg Proops Net.  He is an occasional visitor to the site and has used some of its features for his own means.  He has also been so kind as to create two different videos welcoming visitors to the site, and back in September of 2009 he did an exclusive interview with Diane for GPN as well.  In November of 2008, GPN was briefly closed as a result of threats and harassment directed towards Diane from an abusive group of people.  However, it was reopened in early January of 2009, mainly due to encouragement from Mr. Proops to bring back the site, and from a host of fans who wanted to see GPN return.  The site has remained open ever since.

      As of January 2013, the site is a little more than five years old, and it is still partially under construction due to a vast amount of content still needing to be added to the ever-expanding archives.  However, through the years it has already grown tremendously, appearing on the front pages of all major engine searches and receiving an average of 70 visitors a day. GPN attracts fans of all ages from across the globe, with some visitors hailing from not only from the United States, but from the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Turkey, the Netherlands, and more.

      Diane extends a very warm welcome to everyone who has ever stopped by, and especially to you, who is reading this short passage at this moment in time. We appreciate every single one of our viewers! Thank you for being a part of Greg Proops Net!