By George Lenker – MassLive.Com – May 5th, 2010

      Comic Greg Proops on-stage persona is probably not too different from his real-life personality: witty, wry, and a bit wicked.

      That latter trait may be the most fictitious, as Proops’ 20-year marriage might indicate. Sassiness only goes so far in matrimony.

      But Proops, one of the stars of both the British and American versions of “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” will definitely be bringing his snarky artistry and devilish demeanor to the Calvin Theatre on Saturday with a road version of the show, called “Whose Live Anyway.” The show also features another alumnus of the televsion version, Ryan Stiles, Chip Esten, and Jeff Davis round out the ensemble.

      Along with “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” Proops also has made numerous appearances on such shows as “The Drew Carey Show,” “The Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn,” “Crank Yankers,” “Just Shoot Me,” “Politically Incorrect,” and “The Wayne Brady Show.” The well-dressed and stylishly coiffed comic has also done a host of animation and voice-over work. After portraying Fode, one half of the pod race announcer in the hit motion picture “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,” Proops also lent his voice in the animated film “Kaena the Prophecy” as well as in Disney’s animated feature “Brother Bear.” Over the past few years, Proops has also done a series of hilarious live talk shows with guests such as Robin Williams and Fiona Apple.

      The last time Proops came through the area in 2004 for a solo comedy gig at the Hu Ke Lau in Chicopee, some mysterious scheduling problems prevented Proops from calling for his scheduled interview with The Republican to promote that show. But he made up for it by doing an interview via e-mail. The resulting Q&A was so successful that this time we decided to pursue another cyber exchange.

Since we have never actually spoken, I decided to keep our relationship in the virtual realm with this interview as well. Do you prefer cyber communication? Do you have a lot of Facebook friends?

      I prefer any type of contact, virtual or actual. I have 500 friends and no more. Cyber rules apparently.

OK, Facebook or MySpace? Discuss.

      I put a bullet in MySpace; too many d-bags and ijits.

Speaking of live vs. electronic (or Memorex): Besides the lack of cameras, is there any difference from a performance standpoint between “Whose Live” and “Whose Line Is It Anyway”? Was the TV show heavily edited?

      We are funnier live. Yes, the TV show was expertly cut by a team of Finnish dwarfs.

What made you want to do The Chat Show that you did last year? Did you or do you aspire to be a late night talk show host? You do have a sort of Steve Allen-meets-Conan O’Brien air about you.

      I would love to have a hip chat show. No chit, just chat.

For years you joked that you owned an ocelot, but then admitted you didn’t in an interview. Would you like to start another pet-owning myth about yourself? Maybe a capybara? An emu?

      I do own an ocelot. My denial was a lie.

What’s your favorite thing about Ryan Stiles?

      He is a generous lover.

You just celebrated your 20th wedding anniversary right? What’s the secret of matrimonial bliss and longevity?

      Don’t always be right.

Let’s plug your most recent CD, “Elsewhere” which is hilarious. But first could you explain what a CD is to readers who aren’t as old as we are?

      Mr. Edison invented it. It makes noises when you put it in the slot.

Do you still buy CDs? Vinyl? Or do you download?

      No and yes.

Since we’ve now come full circle in this interview and are talking about cyber stuff again, I follow you on Twitter. How do feel about being followed?

      I love it. Twitter is great for brevity and levity.

One last thing: Will you be my Facebook friend? I promise not to ask you to play Farmville.

      Sorry George, reached my limit. Maybe in the next cyber life.

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