By Lisa Wilton – The Calgary Sun – March 18th, 2010

      Greg Proops has no time for celebrities who whine about being famous.

      Which is why he steers away from the topic during his monthly live chat shows in Los Angeles.

      “I don’t ever ask, ‘Was it hard to make that movie?’ Because really, who cares?,” says the 50-year-old comedian.

      “It’s not that hard. When I hear people talking about how hard it is to be in show business on TV, it really annoys me. It actually makes my stomach throw over. I’ve worked in a law office, I’ve been a busboy and a waiter, a janitor. I’ve had real jobs and believe me, show business is better than that.”

      Proops’ popular event, held at Hollywood’s Largo music and comedy club, has attracted such notable guests as Margaret Cho, Josh Homme, Jeff Goldblum, John C. Reilly and Dave Grohl.

      “The best thing about being a host is the guests are great so you can just let them shine,” he says.

      “And because it’s a live chat show, we don’t have to worry about sponsors or commercials or anything like that, so we can pretty much say what we want.”

      The hosting gig is just one of Proops’ many jobs. He currently appears in Nickelodeon’s True Jackson VP and is gearing up to record a new comedy CD. He’s also become rather good at voicing animated characters, including the devious Tal Merrick in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

      “I really enjoyed it,” he recalls. “I would play nothing but bad guys if I could. All the energy you have to expend to be evil makes it fantastically fun. Being a good guy is kind of boring, but not that I would ever be cast as a good guy.”

      Proops’ snarky, sardonic sense of humour is well-known to fans of the British and American versions of the TV improv show, Whose Line Is It Anyway? which ended in 2006.

      He says he enjoys having the freedom to work on so many different projects, but says it can be scary.

      “You never know what’s going to come next,” he says.

      “I’m always trying to find new work because nothing lasts. As they said in ancient Rome, ‘All glory is fleeting.’ ”

      Proops performs Thursday through Saturday at The Laugh Shop in the Blackfoot Inn.

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