By The Arquette Sisters – The Activity Pit – November 20th, 2009

      Tonight we have a fun Interrogation Room with actor, comedian and Red Eye regular Greg Proops. It may not be longest interview on record but by the end I have a grim understanding of what Clive Andersen felt after an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

      That or I summoned the spirit of my Journalism 102 professor in college, who is likely still alive… So if he was found on the floor of his kitchen. My apologies and I digress….

      Greg Proops needs little introduction. His work on film, TV and in comedy clubs speaks volumes and he was nice enough to slice some time from his schedule to talk with Red Eye’s fans.

The Arquette Sisters: Hi, Greg. How are you doing tonight?

      I am very well thank you. How polite you are.

TAS: It is either polite or dreadfully nervous… and more awkward. One thing that I think has been remarkable from your appearances on Red eye is when a story seems to be going absolutely nowhere you pull a joke out of nowhere and get things back on track. How much of that is well timed prepared material and how much is improvised?

      My art is a dark one and the secrets must not be revealed as I may incur the wrath of the council of Seven.

TAS: Touching on the above, how do you prepare your material for Red Eye?

      Prepare? For that? I bathe in essential oils for several hours. Then when the owl hoots. I take to the computer and bang out my riffs.

TAS: You have been a very frequent guest on Red Eye, how did you get booked for the show?

      Our mutual desperation.

TAS: Had you heard of Red Eye before you were booked?

      Yes, the rumor mill was rife with word of this sordid combination. Bill what’s his name is well known to the S and M circuit. So I heard about him from Levy.

TAS: Who are your favorites guests to be on Red Eye with?

      Any hot right wing Fox lawyer types.

TAS: There are a fair number of great moments on the Red eye that you have been a part of… heck there is one instance where referring to you was the funniest moment on a particular episode… What have been some of your favorite moments from the show?

      I like the Greg a logue because he makes me feel better about my own bitter insecurities. Andy’s dead pan takes to the camera always slay me.

TAS: How does it feel to be ombudsed (if that is even a word) by TV’s Andy Levy?

      Marvelous. He is Red Eye’s firm hand on my tiller.

TAS: You ever receive any flak for appearing on Fox News Channel?

      President Obama said he gave up hope for me.

TAS: You might be the only guest on Red Eye that has a credit in a Star Wars film, what was that like?

      Being the only guest who has the credit or doing the film?

TAS: I am a big fan of yours stretching back to Whose Line Is It Anyways? What was it like working on that show with Ryan Styles, Clive Anderson, et al?

      It is Whose Line is it Anyway? Not ways. Are youse from Philly? It was very difficult working with all of them. I felt like I was dragging dead weight up a hill.

TAS: I has been accused of that… Anyways, how is playing for a UK audience different than an American one?

      It is harder to run home after a gig because it is so far away. Also they can spell anyway.

TAS: Is there anything else you would like to add?

      I think Red Eye is one of the funniest, edgiest comedy shows on the air. I challenge HBO, NBC, all of them to be this edgy and fun. They wont do it. Red Eye hides in the wee hours on Fox News and that is what makes it naughty and fulfilling.

      I really love riffing with Greg, Bill and Andy. They are great guys. They care, but more than Bono.

TAS: Greg, thank you so much for taking the time tonight to chat with myself on behalf of Red Eye’s fans.

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