By John Delery – Punchline Magazine – October 7th, 2009

      The Great White Snark, Greg Proops, seizes pop culture in his jaw and punctures suck-up politicans, effed-up celebs and clueless civilians on Elsewhere, his furiously funny new CD from A Special Thing Records.

      Sit back from your CD player when listening to avoid being sprayed by the torrent of words and images that Proops unleashes to express his anger, frustration and bemusement with the likes of Britney, Lindsay, the Olsen twins, Hillary, Barack and the most nefarious people of all: non-Californians. (Gasp here!)

      Instead of sketching simple gags, Proops creates sarcastic and often bombastic 3-D word paintings that explode with details. Jokes from the equal parts raging comedian and vocabulary volcano erupt with uncommon comedy words (abstruse, pusillanimous, prehensile, to name three) and unconventional references to Kepler’s laws of planetary motion and Australopithecus, an early human stage, without sounding snooty, not to mention pedantic. (Touché, Proops!)

      His biting comments leave teeth marks on his prey: “They’re not really Olsen twins; they’re more like Troll-sen twins. They work as actors and designers, but really they should be guarding a bridge, don’t you think, and asking questions.”

      Actually, Proops conducts his routine, often building smart observations to crescendos of hilarity.

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