By Caroline Jones – The Washington CityPaper – July 15th, 2009

      The DC Improv is really the only appropriate place for comedian Greg Proops to perform in Washington. After all, his career took off with his all-improv-all-the-time appearances on Whose Line Is It Anyway?. His material isn’t limited to off-the-cuff songs and skits, however. Bizarre vocal impressions of average Americans are the highlight of his act. There’s the stoner he met at a peace march, the guy who criticizes the government while gorging on pork rinds, and the bored, multitasking girlfriend, just to name a few. Proops even delivered the weather on Channel 9 on one of his previous trips to D.C. Observations on the state of the nation and jokes about the presidency might garner a few chuckles here, but it’s Proops’ irreverence that makes his stand-up routine worthwhile. Listen to him riff on socks or Indian tribes for a few minutes – it’s more original than the contestants on Last Comic Standing.

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