Kathryn Greenaway – The Gazette – Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

      It’s been a couple of years – time for another chat.

      Greg Proops comes back to the Just For Laughs Festival with the Greg Proops Chat Show, at Kola Note on July 19.

      The fast, wise and funny improv master brought the show to Just For Laughs in 2005 and invited British comic Eddie Izzard and New York comedian Judy Gold to drop by.

      “It’s everything that the Tonight Show isn’t,” Proops said of his chat show during a recent telephone interview. “Being a guest on the show requires the ability to swing free. You have to be able to roll with it. Run fast. Nothing is censored.”
While Proops doesn’t censor his show for naughty content, but he does have one line drawn in the sand.

      “I never pick on people who can’t defend themselves,” he said. “But celebrities and government officials are fair game because they are public figures. “I love the freedom of the chat show – the freefall. I try to get my guests to do things they wouldn’t normally do. It’s break-neck comedy.”

      Proops’s career has thrived on the unpredictable. The San Francisco native is probably best known in North America for his work on the ABC television improv comedy show Whose Line is it Anyway? (He was also a regular on the British version of the show.)

      His numerous television appearances include visits to The Wayne Brady Show, the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson and last year he hosted the Just For Laughs Comedy Tour.

      The guests for the chat show this time around will depend on the coordination of busy schedules, but Proops is hoping to invite Izzard again. Izzard performs at the Imperial Theatre on July 20.

      Proops would also like to invite fellow American Lewis Black. Black is booked for The Masters (July 20-21) and The 25th Anniversary All-Star Gala (July 22).

      But if Izzard and Lewis can’t make it, Proops isn’t worried.

      “It’s the Just For Laughs Festival. There’s such a huge talent pool. I’m spoiled,” Proops said.

      Proops has been doing the chat show thing in the United Kingdom and North Amercia since the turn of the century. So who was his wildest guest?

      “I don’t know about wild, but (actor) John C. Reilly told a great story about getting high with Jack Nicholson and going to a U2 concert,” Proops said.

      Naughtiest guest?

      “Joan Rivers is pretty naughty,” he said. “I’m a huge fan. She taught me a lot about everything.”

      And who would be his ultimate guests?

      “In the category of comedian, maybe Jonathan Winters. He is everything I think is great about comedy,” Proops said.

      Actors? “Maybe Jack Nicholson. Anyone would be dazzled to even just sit near him – like sitting near a super nova. I know I would be.

      Musicians? “Keith Richards. We’d do a few shots. Chat about stuff.”

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