Scotland On Sunday – March 29th, 2003

      He sounds like a 1960s surf dude and he wouldn’t look out of place singing back-up with The Proclaimers.

      Whether it’s his face, his voice, his glasses or his style, Greg Proops is one of the most instantly recognisable of American comedians – and you either love him or hate him.

      Having gained widespread fame in the UK via his regular appearances on the long-running improv comedy show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Proops has gone on to become a star in his own right and a festival favourite.

      It isn’t until you track back that you realise Proops is far more than a stand-up comedian. He has appeared in such diverse works as George Lucas’s Star Wars prequel The Phantom Menace he has narrated The Wizard of Oz for Radio Four and even provided voices for both the Devil and the somewhat less evil ‘Toy Duck’ in Tim Burton’s animated feature film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

      For the past 10 years there is hardly a single major comedy show that Proops hasn’t graced, from Have I Got News For You to Call My Bluff, and BBC Radio’s Just A Minute to The Mark Radcliffe Show. On the other side of the pond, his TV credits are even more impressive, with appearances on such top-rated shows as 3rd Rock From the Sun and the US version of Men Behaving Badly.

      Proops is always at his best, however, working off a live audience in a smoky, murky comedy club, so get a front row seat.

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