Author Unknown – Informed Edinburgh – July 25th, 2013

Tell us about your show…

      I have two shows. My podcast, The Smartest Man in the World, and my stand up show. The difference is that I stand for one and sit for the other. I tend to riff the whole podcast and try to remember my jokes for the stand up.

Do you feel prepared?

      For what?

What’s your favourite thing about Edinburgh?

      Chips are available everywhere.

What’s been your most memorable festival experience?

      Being sober one morning in 1997.

What won’t you leave the house without during Edinburgh Fringe?

      My pet haggis, Eric.

Any favourite Scottish word/phrase?

      The audiences always yell, “You’re nae funny.” That is a compliment right?

What food and/or drink do you take to keep you going through the festival?

      Vodka and Irn Bru.

What or who are you most looking forward to seeing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year?

      I heard my show is unmissable.

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