Author Unknown – The New Current – July 26th, 2013

      After seeing Greg’s stand up last year and being in attendance at two of his Podcast recordings I think I reconnected with comedy in a whole new way. Breathtakingly funny his shows had the charm and wit of a real comedy pro – and his podcasts have to be listened to really appreciate what he does!​

Hey how’s it going, thanks for talking with TNC, you all set to hit the Royal Mile?

      You bet. I am buying a new jumper.

In a few words what does The Fringe mean to you?

      Drink and professionalism.

What’s it like bringing a show to the fringe?

      I don’t know I do comedy.

Have you got your Royal Mile patter sorted?

      I will busk it as I walk.

Tell me a little bit about your show, what can we expect?

      The podcast is a magnificent hour of rambling. The stand up is me trying to remember old drug stories.

When do you start thinking about and then writing a new show?

      I work almost every day. I am always riffing.

Does it ever get nerve-wracking previewing new material?

      I want to do it. I get nervous doing the old stuff.

Have you always wanted to do stand up?

      Yes I have no other skills.

What was your first show like, was it a steep learning curve?

      Scary. Then the fear drives you.

Do you have any rituals before hitting the stage?

      A short vodka.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

      My wife Jennifer.

Best five words to describe your new show?

      You graduate this show pal.

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