By Greg Proops – “MA’AM” Men Aligned Against Misogyny – January 2013

      I detest misogyny. I see it all day, every day in the clubs I work in, on the news, on TV , in the paper and on the internet. Women are fat, or poorly dressed, they are hot, they are drunks or sluts or anything but people. Objectifying Women is to deny Women their Personhood. You are just breasts or a behind or a behavior pattern. If you are a man you have the right to behave however you wish, you are simply bold and independent. If a Women acts like Donald Trump or Chris Brown they are vilified and called terrible names. It is our way of making ourselves feel better. In Hollywood meetings men make awful sexist remarks when there are no Women around. Everyone always laughs. Casual misogyny is king.

      Misogyny is coin and a way for men to communicate about their own anxieties. When a powerful man like Dominique Strauss-Kahn abuses a poor un-empowered Woman the media is certain to react as if they have equal resources to make their case heard. I am here to tell you very few Women have equal resources. Getting men and even other Women to understand all this is a long and difficult journey. People believe the rubbish they have been fed since childhood. Woman are singled out, attractive Woman have it easy, Woman are gold-diggers, Woman want to emasculate men. These things can be true. But they are not universal truths anymore than all men are brave and responsible.

      Just in general let’s get some things straight. All late-night talk show hosts on TV are guys except Chelsea Handler.There is no logical reason for this, show biz is wildly sexist. Almost every “expert” you see on TV is a man. Woman are not given full credit or opportunity as athletes. Woman are more than half the population yet they are woefully under represented at every level of government, business and show biz.

      Woman are made to feel inadequate about their looks by every magazine, blog and advertisement. Woman are held to level of perfection that men never are. Who thinks a Woman that looks like Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck would be allowed to be on TV? Who thinks a Woman as ill-informed and incapable as George W Bush would be allowed to run the US? These are the facts.

      Abortion is considered controversial for the simple fact that Woman bear children. Abortion is a health issue, not a moral issue. If men got pregnant there would be no controversy. men are never held to account for their reproductive organs. Men’s boner pills are sold on TV ad nauseum. Abortion and health care are a right. Woman’s history is never spoken of or taught to the public at large.

      We all know Columbus and George Washington but who is taught about Sojouner Truth or Susan B. Anthony? Woman in the United States could not vote until 1920. Then, only because they demanded it for hundreds of years. Any advances Women have made they have done by organizing and being better at everything than men just to be recognized and heard. They have to.

      A few things to ponder as you seek to improve and enlighten yourself:

· Germany, New Zealand, Argentina, India, The UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia to name but a few have had Women leaders. The USA has not. Hillary Clinton, when she ran was characterized as cold and hard. Qualities we admire in a man.

· Women, as of right now dominate publishing. JK Rowling is the best read author on earth.

· Understand telling a Woman to “Smile” is an imposition and a demand you have no right to make.

· Don’t use the term “old lady” as a pejorative term. Old Women raise the world and know everything. They are anything but weak.

· When you go into a bar or restaurant notice if the Woman servers are made to wear hot outfits. Consider which places make men do that.

· Victoria’s Secret has a TV special. Calvin Klein’s mens’ undies do not.

· Woman are the majority of workers in the world. They do not get equal pay and they have to put up with men’s shit attitude, groping and harassment.

· Woman are regularly assaulted, raped, beaten, abused, murdered, sold and disappeared. Everywhere. That means in america as well. This in not the top story in the news. Ever.

      What can you do? Empathize. Woman need understanding and support. Listen to them. Relate to them. Understand they have feelings and do not want your opinion. They wish to be heard. Stop trolling and being a pervert on the internet. Don’t go to the “get in the kitchen” defense when you are threatened. Understand that Woman need friendship. They would like a colleague and supporter. Laugh at their jokes. Woman have a rare sense of humor again they have had to develop one to survive. Try to get it.

      And please get off Women’s ass. They want to be attractive and sexy and desirable but on their terms. they also want respect and oppurtunity, this you can help give.Treat all Women the way you would want someone to treat your Mother, Sister, Wife, Daughter or significant Other. Then we can all change for the better.

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