By Natan Edelsburg – Crave Online – September 17th, 2012

      In June, we wrote about Dirty Work, Fourth Wall Studios production that leveraged their interactive platform. Their work just won an Emmy and they’re expanding the use of the platform with their new show The Gamblers, “a dark comedy about two protagonists who compete in a high stakes game of life and death.” They’ve brought on Academy-Award winner Rick Heinrichs to direct the first episode.

      In addition to bringing on Heinrichs for this new show Fourth Wall also continues to increase the quality of talent involved. Greg Proops, who does one of the funny voiceovers in the show is an established actor who has grown his web presence through a popular podcast and more. We spoke to Proops about this new show and his experience using the social web as an actor.

Lost Remote: How do you use social media?

Greg Proops: I tweet and use Facebook every day. A combination of jokes and plugging gigs.

LR: When did you decide to start your Podcast? How has it grown/taken off?

Proops: I was asked to do it in late 2010. At first I thought twice a month would be enough. After a few months the demnad grew now I put one out every week. I started doing it in a local club in LA and now I have recorded live in Australia, New Zealand, Montreal, Scotland, London and on a cruise ship in the Carribean. I now do a podcast everywhere I do stand up. The demand has grown exponentially. I have been a comedian for a million years and have never had this kind of critical and popular reaction to anything I have ever done. It has been a revelation.

LR: How do you think social platforms have helped your career? Have they ever hurt your career?

Proops: I think the immediacy of Twitter and the internet have helped me and all comedians because we can now communicate directly with our audience, cutting out the corporate middleman. Yes, I was hacked and nonsense spewed for a few days. But it is all in the game.

LR: What’s your experience in TV and how do you think the business is changing?

Proops: I have been on TV for ages. I did Whose Line Is It Anyway? for 14 years. I had a jump start from TV. At this point young people do not require TV and TV is just catching up to that fact. Hulu, YouTube, NetFlix and smart phones are the future and TV knows it.

LR: Why are you involved with the Fourth Wall production? Why is it unique?

Proops: They asked me and it sounded great. We were given a mad amount of creative latitude. The producers let us run free and find the comedy and the characters. This does not happen on TV. I really enjoyed collaborating with the Fourth Wall.

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