By Greg Proops – Omaha Performing Arts Online – February 11th, 2013

      Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring’ is a ballet revolution. Everyone connected with this piece is a legend of classical dance, Tempestuous Diaghilev, the genius Nijinsky and that most daring of composers Igor Stravinsky. Upon its debut it caused a small riot, (If any riot in a concert hall can be characterized as small). The non-narrative structure, the tribal costumes and the primitive style dancing had the Parisian audience in a furor. They imagined ballet was pretty and safe.

      See for yourself the emotional power this piece still holds, the challenge this work poses. Far too few ballets in my estimation have a maiden sacrifice herself by dancing to the death. At the original performance the cops had to throw forty people out. Come on Omaha, make us proud.

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