By Maximillian Archimedes Stoneburner – The Donnybrook Writing Academy – September 5th, 2012

      Greg Proops. He is a raconteur, a worldly scholar and a veritable man about town. First seen by most in the 90’s as a regular cast member on the seminal improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the dapper verbal assassin now hosts his own podcast aptly titled “The Smartest Man in the World.” In it, sipping on a bottomless glass of vodka rocks, Mr. Proops opines on current events, societal issues and the human condition.

      As the Comedy Envoy for Donnybrook, I reached out to Mr. Proops so that you all could catch an albeit quick glimpse into the mind of the self-appointed but none-disputed Smartest Man in the World.

      MS: There seems to be a rumbling among comics that small clubs are no longer “safe” to work out new material in. Do you think there is any truth to this?

      GP: Anywhere is safe if you are funny.

How do you feel that technology in the hands of the audience has changed performing?

      The phone has empowered everyone to be an intrusive douche.

What is the single most egregious transgression a person can make at a Greg Proops show?

      Talk while I am speaking.

Which audience has more potential to be insufferable: college kids or Vegas crowds?

      Anyone male under 30 wearing a cap acting drunk is danger to me.

From the onset, comedy podcast hosts wondered how they would monetize their shows and many still do. How does Greg Proops approach his podcast in this regard?

      I am not making a living from the podcast. This keeps me honest. Everything worthwhile does not need to be monetized.

Why does Greg Proops think there are so few women in stand-up comedy in relation to men?

      Men are free to say what they like.

Recently you’ve spoken at some length about the injustice facing three of the women from the Russian punk band Pussy Riot. What do you think is going to happen to them going forward?

      I hope they become spokespeople for freedom of speech after their incarceration.

Seattle or Portland? Caveat: Remove Voodoo Doughnuts from the equation.

      Seattle for the junkies and fun.

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