By Tina And Naty – LiveJournal – February 21st, 2012

      Greg Proops is a standup comedian, known for his improv work on the U.S. and UK versions of Whose Line Is It Anyway? He wrote in to talk about his first stand-up gig, the differences between U.S. and UK audiences, and one of his earliest jokes.

      Greg Proops is the kitten master and an amazing improv comedian. You may know him best for his appearences in both UK and American versions of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show, and Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, with colleagues such as the Canadian Colin Mochrie, the British Josie Lawrence, and the American Wayne Brady. He can be seen performing live in the Whose Live Anyway? tour along with Ryan Stiles, Chip Esten and Jeff B. Davis, performing stand up, or visiting various TV talk shows such as the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson or Chelsea Lately. Greg also has his very own podcast, which is properly entitled “The Smartest Man In The World.”

      Greg is a book and history lover, with a huge appreciation for Negro League baseball and funk music, and has an enormous lot of anecdotes to tell with a glass of vodka in one hand and a mic in the other. He is bold, and has no fear to state his opinion about politics. He loves classic movies, and he always appreciates a good joint. He loves his wife dearly, who he has described to be The Smartest Woman In The World. Always a feminist, this San Franciscan comedian fights for women’s equality and right of abortion, as well as economical and power equality for every human being.

      Greg has graciously granted us a short interview via email, in which he gave us the answers to some random questions.

Who do you think would win in a fight between a caveman and an astronaut?

      The caveman.

1984 or Brave New World?

      1984 more accurate, sadly.

What is the best song ever written?

      I Can See Clearly Now.

Kittens or ocelots?

      Both and lots.

What’s your favourite drug?


Your favourite pair of socks?

      The blue and red stripey ones.

What’s your favorite not-well-known author?

      James Crumley, the late mystery writer.

Do you have any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

      Because of the resale value.

What’s the meaning of life?

      Love someone.

Who is your favourite comedian?

      George Carlin.

Viola Spolin or Keith Johnstone?

      Johnstone, but Spolin started the party.

Sex or drugs?

      Why choose?

What was your favorite hairstyle?

      I had very long, curly hair in the 70s.

What’s the worst outfit you ever had to wear?

      Had to?  I voluntarily wore overalls with Earth shoes in high school.

Who was your first famous idol that you can remember and why? (Dead or alive)

      Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, I thought she was hot.

What’s the best movie from the 20th century?


What’s the best movie line of all time?

      “Eve would ask Abbott for Costello.”

What’s the best pick up line?

      I’m listening.

What’s the worst thing a fan has ever said/done/sent to you?

      Been rude and drunk.

Jello or pudding?


Boxers or briefs?

      Briefs, boxers when it is way warm.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

      Steal from a 7/11.

What’s your favorite continent? (Or country, if you’re Drew)

      The city of Europe.

Have you ever stolen a street sign before?

      You know I have, and a newspaper machine.

What’s the most elaborate dish you’ve ever prepared?

      Shrimp skewers.

Which is your least favorite movie?

      American Beauty.

Do you sing in the shower?


What is your biggest pet peeve?


Is it okay for guys to wear pink?

      Sure, if you can pull it off.

What’s your brand of cigarettes?

      The jazz kind.

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