By Morgan Johnson – RedAndBlack.Com – December 1st, 2011

      My night with Greg Proops didn’t have a laughing start.

      After some miscommunication with getting into the theatre, waiting alone for over an hour and eventually realizing I would miss the 10 o’clock airing of “American Horror Story,” I was ready to give up on comedy.

      But then Marshall Chiles – Proops’s opening act and a University alum – took the stage, bringing racism, sex and midgets with him. The audience was hooked.

      Before the routine was rolling, Chiles sarcastically thanked the small turnout of people for bringing their friends: in case of a fire at least we could get out safely, right?

      As Proops was seen getting vodka at the bar, Chiles continued to entertain with none other than antics about his own children – ages three and six. Although exploiting children for laughs may seem crude to some, this particular audience found it hilarious.

      Suggesting that couples should have to take a test in order to become a parent – since the only requirements are not having enough self-control to pull-out – had the audience in an uproar of agreement.

      Chiles warned as he was leaving the stage that the voice of Bob the Builder [Proops] would be unfiltered tonight, and he wasn’t kidding.

      Proops’ hatred of certain states – including South Dakota, New Jersey and Delaware – was made clear from the get-go.

      He commented that the only way Philadelphia can be considered the city of brotherly love is the fact that your brother will get raped.

      He brought jokes about the South, of course, covering country music, Nascar and more race jokes.

      He continuously sipped on vodka, having the audience in a fixed state of laughter – and then came the one-legged girl jokes.  Heather Mills, the ex-wife of Paul McCartney, became the introduction to the one-legged girl jokes. With hesitation to laugh from the audience, Proops commented on the fact that even if there were a one-legged person present, what would they do – charge the stage? And the audience was laughing once more.

      My night with Greg Proops ended on a high-note, with sound advice that the Athens community should consider invading the little town of Sparta once and for all.

      And, as promised, the vodka and ranting killed.

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