By Amie – Midnight Poutine – July 26th, 2011

      Yes, I could have asked comedian Greg Proops the questions, “What got you into comedy?”, “What happened to ‘Whose Line is it Anyway'”, and “What the fuck is Drew Carey doing on the Price is Right?” but instead we talked about the important things: His free comedy podcast, “The Smartest Man in the World”, other great podcasts, political stand-up, improv with a certain bald Canadian, and how he’s happy his 5 year-old fans stay out of the bars. And, of course, the most important Montreal-related question of all…

Amie: What do you love most about Poutine?

Greg Proops: The French fries! Well the gravy’s awesome. Canada’s so obsessed with putting gravy on fries. I was in Edmonton just two days ago and I had gravy fries but those are different than poutine. Those are just simply Prairie gravy fries. I’m impressed with how much gravy you guys can get down, frankly.

AW: You have to go to Newfoundland. There they do fries, dressing, and gravy.

GP: Oh kittens…

AW: It’s kind of like stuffing. And they just pour on the gravy, and it’s about the same quality, but we don’t do cheese curds there.

GP: Oh my goodness. Yeah I don’t know who settled Canada who had a gravy jones, but it’s just insatiable.

AW: What do you hate most about Poutine?

GP: If I kept eating it all the time then I’d weigh 400kg.

AW: That’s a common dilemma…

If your comedy was a famous historical figure, who would it be and why?

GP: I’d say Alexander the Great, because I’d take no prisoners and I’d lay siege.

AW: What’s the best way to spend a Million dollars in 10 minutes?

GP: Oh that’s awesome! Well the first thing I’d do is give a bunch of it away…you know, because I’m that amazingly generous and humble.

AW: But 10 minutes! You have to choose fast on who to give to.

GP: Okay! I’d give a bunch to woman’s causes and I’d spend the rest on a trip around the world.

AW: But you’ve traveled a lot of places already. You haven’t seen it all?

GP: Oh no. There are a million places I want to see. I want to go to Egypt, I want to go to Thailand, I want to go to Vietnam…

AW: Could you do a comedy tour there?

GP: You could probably do one in Egypt because people speak English. I know you can do it in India. Anywhere people are Anglophone. I mean in Montreal not everyone’s an Anglophone and we do it there.

AW: What’s the best place you’ve ever been to?

GP: Besides Montreal? I was on my honeymoon in Montreal as well… Paris I think is the best place. It’s fabulous. I did a comedy gig there too. It’s a really great comedy gig. And people say, “Why do you love the one in Paris so much?” And it’s like, because when you leave the gig, you’re in Paris. When you play in Cleveland and you leave the gig, you’re in Cleveland…You can see the difference.

AW: Who’s your favorite Canadian Artist?

GP: Oh golly. So many! How bout Joni Mitchell? But of course SCTV is my ultimate all-time favourite television show…

AW: And contemporary shows? Do you have favourites?

GP: Nurse Jacky.

AW: Dark humour.

AW: Besides family, friends, other comedians, and long summer nights, what influences your comedy the most?

GP: Oh I think my wife. She’s so smart and perceptive. I think I really get a lot from her.

AW: I love that at the end of your bio it always says you don’t deserve her.

GP: No I don’t, really. I got lucky there.

AW: How did you meet?

GP: She lived next door to me in College. We weren’t really serious in College, but later we got together.

AW: Do you have a favourite thing about Montreal?

GP: Milos, the fish place. Unbelievable. I eat there pretty much as much as I can when I’m there. And Joebeef; there’s a place called Joebeef. Guest oyster shuckers, and just wow…What a place…

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