By Dylan Moran – 3 News – May 9th, 2011

      Going to a Greg Proops show is like entering a void where time stops working.
He has the ability to make one hour seem like three, not because he’s bad, but because there are so many jokes and so much laughter crammed in.

      He has retained this unbridled enthusiasm for his comedy so many of his peers seem to lose well before they reach a career as extensive as his. He’s just so happy to share his jokes with the audience.

      Proops manages to rattle off gags like a machine gun and relishes pushing the boundaries. Some crass sexual terminology popped up in some odd places such as describing green-lipped muscles and Stevie Nicks songs.

      Unlike some comedians, you never get the sense Proops has memorised the script for his jokes and is just ticking them off. Perhaps it’s because he’s so easily distracted. Those who caught his Auckland show got to witness a complete deviation from his set as he got distracted by the stage lighting. A bit like a moth.

      Even that became hilarious.

      Kiwi men got an absolute pounding, as did Air New Zealand, but we should give Proops a lot of credit for that. He’s done his research and doesn’t simply bore in on the tired old “hey you New Zealanders talk funny” schtick.

      Which can be funny, don’t get me wrong, but not when every single international comedian peddles it.

      There’s an interesting amount of social commentary from him too, which is great as it’s coming from a man who’s been inside the US entertainment industry for a very long time and witnessed all its changes.

      Proops is a master-class of comedy, both in terms of his gags and the way he makes the audience feel as though they are witnessing something special and off-the-cuff.

      If only Einstein had been able to meet him, he may have figured out how to make time travel possible.

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