The New Zealand Herald – May 7th, 2011

      The NZ Comedy Festival is set to unleash itself upon the funnybones of Auckland and Wellington from April 29. TimeOut has rounded up a dozen or so local and international stars of this year’s fest to discuss their approach to funny.

From: Elsewhere.

As seen on: Whose Line is it Anyway?, Flight of the Conchords, Bob the Builder.

Name of show: My show is eponymous. I dreamt it.

Conceptual description of festival show in 10 words or less: Bitterness, drinking, regret, and then I hit the stage.

Are props required? If so, what’s the most important one? No, but Proops are.

Can we bring our mum? Has she got a sister?

If you don’t have another telly/radio/whatever gig, what would you like it to be? I would love to be in The Hobbit as a Semitic elf.

How many Auckland Comedy Festival appearances is this for you? Two, counting this one.

What have you learned from your past appearances? That the Gala is a drunken barging match and great fun.

In a year like 2011, what is there to laugh about? My jokes retain their lustre even through the tears.

Who’s your favourite live comedian of all time and why? George Carlin because he was a genius. Bill Hicks because he was fearless.

Complete this sentence: “please come to my show because …” You need this.

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