By Ian Steward – Stuff.Co.Nz – May 5th, 2011

      Comedian Greg Proops won’t have a problem with finding new material for his free podcast recording in Wellington today – it’s keeping up with it that’s the problem.

      “At the start of this week it was all going to be about the royal wedding, then it was going to be (Obama’s) birth certificate and now we’ve got Osama Bin Laden,” he told

      The Los Angeles-based star of Whose Line Is It Anyway? is in New Zealand for shows in Wellington and at Auckland’s Comedy Festival.

      He says the pace of events doesn’t leave time for things like taking a week off hiking.

      An afternoon off at the most, maybe, but certainly not a week.

      Proops says the country is as “lovely” as it was in his last visit in 2004.

      Earthquakes in Christchurch and tornados in Auckland are a bit worrying though – “It’s a bit like the Bible down here.”

      Proops says the comedy scene in Los Angeles keeps him on his toes with the huge number of “big league” comics.

      The City of Angels is not really a city though, he says – “it’s an idea simultaneously held by a million a**holes”.

      The digital age has seen him launch a critically-acclaimed fortnightly podcast called The Smartest Man in the World.

      He will record an episode, including audience participation, at Wellington’s Fringe bar at 11.30pm today.

      Admission is free.

      For his shows in Wellington at the Opera House on Friday night and at Auckland’s Sky City theatre on Saturday he has a suggestion for audience preparation – “I would burn one”.

      He wants to be “a little bit faster than you” but also, “we have to be on the same page”.

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