Yahoo! Online Chat – January, 1999

Greg: I am a mammal.

Greg: My planet Krypton exploded earlier this century.

Greg: My pop, Jor-El put me in a time capsule.

alios75: Is that show really improv, because it looks like you rehearse?

Greg: No, the show is improv. It takes us six months to do it that badly. Drew wears a leather “apparatus”. Use your imagination.

J_mewto: Hi, when is the show on?

Greg: The show is on 9:30 PM on Wednesday right after The Drew Carey Show, and the British show is still on somewhere.

Do you have pressure on Whose Line or do you just try to have fun?

Greg: Wow… you have a pretty weird idea of what fun is lady! There’s no pressure – I’m 100 years old! But seriously, we don’t want to embarrass ourselves, but we are careful to cover our mistakes. Our fuck-ups are covered pretty well as an American show.

plaidfreak: Will you ever get to do Song Styles or Greatest Hits on WL? Pretty please??

Greg: I am down with you, buddy! Write to ABC and demand that I be allowed to do Greatest Hits! It’s only through the voice of the people that we can kill the fascist mind of the ruling elite and stop oppressing the proletariat.

Jason2000: What is you favourite colour?

Greg: I thought it was green, but now its more kinda deep blue, Yves klein blue I think. Blue. Man, Yves was quite a nutty artist and he made a nice shade of blue.

NessaUK: Hiya Greg! So why the long delay touring the UK? Your minions have been waiting for ages for your return!

Greg: I didn’t wanna burn everyone out. I did a lot of shows consecutively so people would like me when I came back after an absence. Hopefully now I’ll have some nifty stuff, but part of coming to see me is the crashing disappointment. I’ll be there in April though… 3 weeks: From April 13 through Southsea and Ireland on the 15th through the 20th, Londonderry, Belfast, and Dublin, then though the south of England.

Tibuchina: Whose your favourite person on Whose Line to interact with? Who sparks your creativity the most?

Greg: One time in England I said Tony, and all the cast members came up to me and said “Tony, eh??!?” So now I say I love a man known to Earthlings as Colin Mochrie and a young black man named Wayne Brady. Not physically I mean. Although he is really cute.

KevinNashgianktkiller: Do you all get drunk before the show??

Greg: Yeah, although booze isn’t the drug of choice. I do nicotine, caffeine, and smuggled codeine. Colin goes for jello/bread pudding. Drew just goes for diet soda and lets it ride. Ryan is on Ginseng bigtime. He’s got a big ginseng jones.

Dragonlady2000: How would you advise someone to get over the fear of public speaking?

Greg: Well “dragon lady”, some people shouldn’t speak publicly, then there are some who should, so it ain’t a real disgrace. Work your way up from a small point. Take some improvisation classes to break you out of your shell. It’s a matter of having faced fear and embarrassment and realising that it ain’t really there. As the great philosopher Homer J. Simpson once said, “I was drunk, but not on alcohol, but on being a public spectacle.”

Daphniemoon: Hi Greg. I’ve been watching WLiiA for a while and I wanted to know what are the differences between the British shows and the American ones.

Greg: Well, the hosts are different. In the British one we can be ruder. Both wear suits.

Jennemer: Greg, are you coming to the Kilkenny festival this year?

Greg: Dunno – outlook dim. Consult the 8 ball later. I’d like to come back but I dunno if I’ll be able to commit. I have a picture of myself and Will Durst and a guy dressed as a gorilla on a bridge at the festival.

smz1965: Greg how did you land the part in Star Wars? How do you feel being part of a legend?

Greg: Wow… we auditioned, me and Scott Cappuro, together, and we both got the roles. I couldn’t be happier! It was a good day in show business. It’s almost like pure chance. I couldn’t give my character a name though. If I talk about this any further I’d have to kill you all.

miahamm14: How is it working on the new Dilbert cartoon?

Greg: It’s really fun. Larry Child is a really cool dude. So is everyone else whose names I can’t remember. I’m the evil Mr. Catbert.

beanie1976: OK… straight faces… how do you do it?

Greg: I don’t – I laugh all the time. I’m Chicken Harvey Korman – a delicious spicy dish.

AuntieSparkey: Hello, Greg. The Brits had you fellas on a lot. When will Drew invite some of the Brits over, like Tony Slattery and Josie?

Greg: I don’t know when… getting people over isn’t in my job description. You have to take that up with ABC, I think.

Mickey1000: Besides “Whose Line”, where else could we see you perform?

Greg: I play Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco. I’ve just finished the New Year’s week there – and I’ll be back Memorial week. I’ll be at Caesar’s in Las Vegas from 15th through the 17th with Drew, Ryan, and Colin. There’s gonna be ten of us with Kathy Kinney. Steel cage match. I’ll be in Reno at the Improv from the 3rd through the 7th of Feb. Hey, “word up” to all my groupies in Reno. I’m not supposed to discuss my parole officer’s restrictions for travel to the East Coast. I play London more than in NYC, really.

benben83: Why do you wear those glasses… style, or do you need them?

Greg: They are Face-a-Face glasses – athos50g20 model.

likewhateverdude: What’s your favourite food?

Greg: Wow – good question. My wife is a fantastic cook. She does a great baked salmon, and sometimes she makes a duck risotto. And I like junk food. Fatburgers – I love ’em. Fatburgers are a commitment.

Roze3: How long do you have during Props?

Greg: We have but a few moments.

ssj666: What’s you favourite TV show?

Greg: Oh yeah – well now it’s Frasier, Seinfeld, and the Simpsons. But of all time it would have to be Fawlty Towers and The Avengers.

djhellfire: Is Space Cadets still showing on UK TV? If so, where and when?

Greg: Oh man, I think Space Cadets is dead, Jim.

hdman93: Who writes the ideas on those little cards? The audience or some writers?

Greg: Good question – I think its the writers and producers. I think suggestions would be hilarious if they were written by gigantic transvestites.

oneandoneeleven: What kind of music do you like?

Greg: Today – David Holmes. I like Beastie Boys, Garbage, Gary Mulligan, I’ve got a Yardbirds BBC session disc, Lenny Bruce and Lloyd Buckley (well they don’t really count as music). I’m making a documentary on American stand-up comedy for BBC Radio Scotland which will air later on this year.

ladydezluvme: Do you know anything about the show before the taping?

Greg: I’m on the premises, so yeah. We know what games we’re gonna play and that’s about it. It’s like that nightmare where you’re on a show and you don’t have a script.

ssj666: Do you hang out with other cast members in your free time?

Greg: When we’re shooting the show, yeah, but we all live pretty far apart with different jobs. But I’ll suspect we’ll hang out together in Vegas.

Miahamm14: Have you ever laughed so hard that you couldn’t tell the joke?

Greg: Yeah. There was a guy in the audience in San Francisco who was from San Quentin, and I said, “Fuck Me” and he said, “If you were there, we would’ve.”

Wipperett: Who do you find to be your joke clone? Who do you bounce ideas best off of?

Greg: My wife. And the crowd at Largo.

I just wanna say that I’ll be in the UK from 13th April through May 2nd for a stand-up tour, and the dates are on my website. I just want to say thank you to all who come to see me. It really means a lot to me. I just finished a really grand week in San Francisco. People turned out, and it was beautiful. I’m thinking about you all.

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