With as expansive and thorough as GPN is, I have to pour in a lot of time and effort into the up-keeping of this website. I literally spend numerous hours adding audio and video clips, making screen-caps, searching for news, updating pages, and designing GPN into the site you see it as today.

      However, I not only invest a huge chunk of my time and devotion into this site, but my earnings. I spend roughly $200 a month on my website servers, which GPN is hosted on. Thus, it is obviously not a cheap hobby, and the websites are taking a toll on my funds.

      So, I am humbly accepting any and all donations to the site. Your donation would directly go towards the maintenance of Greg Proops Net, along with its sister site, Ryan Stiles Net. Whether it be one dollar or ten dollars, whatever you donate is greatly appreciated! Any form of help is wonderful. All donations are made securely via PayPal and can be done so by clicking the ‘donate’ button below.

      All donors have my utmost thanks, and will be placed on our donors list.  I truly do appreciate each and every donation, and it helps more than you know.



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