In a recent interview from July 10th (of 2009), Greg dropped a hint alluding to something that could possibly be the thing that Whose Line Is It Anyway? fans have been hoping for for years now: Whose Line Is It Anyway? might be coming back in some form or another. The quote from the interview is as follows:

      “Whose Line lives on forever and ever… We might be doing something. I can’t really talk about it, but Drew’s trying to whip up some improv thing.”

      Obviously, at this point, we can only merely speculate as to what, exactly, this means. This is no definite ‘yes, Whose Line is coming back’ or even a strong maybe – more like something that is in the works and being cooked up. However, the mere possibility for Whose Line to return – or at least, another improv show featuring the original Whose Line cast – is exciting, to say the least. We’ll definitely be keeping tabs on this news snippet, so stay tuned for further updates!

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