Hello, and welcome to Greg Proops Net, the web’s premiere source for all things related to the comedian Greg Proops!

This site is heavily under construction. You’re welcome to browse around, but please be aware that there will be broken links, sections not yet built, and some things only partially completed.

Over the last approximately two years, I have been completely refurbishing and redesigning the website from head to toe from its original location at http://www.greg-proops.net.

This is the all-new site. Or, it will be – eventually. My busy life prevents me from having the ample time to work on the site that I used to have. But I work on it when I can.

You’ll find a lot of new material on the site – new video clips, new audio clips, new articles to read, new pictures, etc. I am constantly adding more and updating.

So enjoy the new site. Just remember – it’s still being built. One day, when it’s all done, I’ll have some special surprises to unveil to celebrate its grand official reopening. But until then, play around in the wood piles. Have fun!