“True Jackson VP”, in which Greg Proops plays Max Madigan, is Nickelodeon’s 2nd highest rated show, with the first season a booming success! While the current season is nearing its end, season two premieres in September. Very soon, however, you won’t have to turn on Nick to catch re-runs (or download our videos here). On September 8th, 2009, True Jackson VP Season One Volume One will be released on DVD! The DVD will include two discs, though at this moment, it is unknown exactly what those two discs will consist of. As the DVD is titled “volume one”, I am guessing that it will only feature the first half of the season, with a second volume – with the second half of season one – being released at a later date. However, rumor has it that the DVDs will have blooper reels and some behind-the-scenes footage! The DVD is currenly being priced at about $27, but you can pre-order it off of Amazon.com for only $20. The DVD is Region 1, which means that it is for U.S. and Canadian machines only (unless your player is universal and region-free).

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