One cannot deny that Greg Proops is downright brilliant. His witty and enticing jocularity lends itself to a high form of intellectualism that is both thorough and distinct. His verbal veracity is both striking and suave, sophisticated and sleek. As a man who has a seemingly endless wealth of knowledge, it is only fitting that his new podcast be entitled “The Smartest Man In The World”. Yes, Mr. Proops now has his very own podcast, packed full of rich hilarity mines that he invites you to dig deep into, and upon exploration, your laughter will unfurl into the night (or day – your preference). Join him down a road of memories laced with delectable humor, and come aboard the Prooptacular train of wit and sarcasm and enjoy the ride as you coast through topics such as Governor Jerry Brown, reptiles, Ayn Rand, the ACLU, and more. One thing is certain, and this we do hold to be true… this podcast is fucking funny.

The podcast is available in a few places. First and foremost, you can download the MP3 format of the file right here on GPN, over at the Audio Clips page. It’s right at the top of the page so you don’t have to hunt for it.

      You can also subscribe to it via iTunes.  You can also find it on Greg’s podcast site.

  All jokes aside, please do give Mr. Proops’ podcast a listen. Yours truly was there for the actual recording, and it was a magical night I won’t forget. Greg worked hard on this podcast and it’s a brand new venture for him, one which I sincerely hope he will continue. Please help spread the word about the podcast. Send the links to friends and family. Tweet about it. Post this onto your Facebook. Blog about it. Anything you can do to help get it to soar is deeply appreciated. Thanks, and more thanks.

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