As previously mentioned, Greg is featured in the film “Super High Me“, a comical documentary about smoking marijuana for thirty days, and then not smoking at all for thirty days. Super High Me was released just a couple of days ago, and can now be ordered online here. (Region 1 only!) It is currently unknown whether or not this title will be available in stores – but my guess would be probably not.

      For all of our British viewers and UK Greg fans, Greg will be returning this season to the popular BBC show “Mock The Week“. The air dates for Greg’s appearance are currently unknown, but keep an eye out for him this season! Mock The Week begins its new lineup starting July 10th and will run for twelve weeks.

      Lastly, Greg has recently mentioned in an audio interview that he has done some voice work for “Star Wars: The Clone Wars“, playing the role of a villian. Who his character is exactly, we are unsure of at this moment in time. We also do not know if this voice work was for the upcoming animated television series, or the film that is set to come out into theatres mid-August, as both are of the same name, and Greg did not specify. At the moment, our guess is that it was for the tv series, not the film. Updates will be posted about this as they come along!