Greg has never hidden the fact that he enjoys marijuana. He has spoken about it in countless interviews and during stand-up routines, and has marched for medical marijuana rights. Thus, it doesn’t come as a shock to hear that Greg is one of many comedians featured in the new film “Super High Me“, a documentary by Doug Benson about smoking marijuana. The film is centered loosely on ‘what happens if you don’t smoke pot for 30 days, and then you smoke it for 30 days’. The DVD for this is being released on June 17th, and can be pre-ordered online by going to this website.

      Along the same stream of new Greg films, yet another documentary is featuring Sir Proops, except this one is about Largo, the comedy club that for years was on Fairfax in Los Angeles (but is currently in the works of moving to a new location) and that just closed its doors. The documentary bases itself on its rich history of music and comedy, showcasing a long string of comedians and musicians. Largo is where Greg has hosted all of his chat shows, so we can assume that some of the material in the documentary is taken from those. Though right now it has no release date, it will be playing at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 22nd.