I am sorry to announce, but as of right now, Greg Proops Net is currently suspended.

What does that mean?  It means that I have no plans to make updates on the site in the near future.  It also means that I am weighing a decision on possibly shutting down GPN (and RSN) permanently.

I have run both Greg Proops Net and Ryan Stiles Net faithfully for a number of years.  RSN has been in a state of suspension for some time, but I have been still updating GPN pretty frequently at a new location that still was never officially re-launched because there’s so much work I was pouring into it.

However, my current life situation has forced me to re-evaluate some of my priorities.  When I first started this site, I had an ample amount of free time and finances were better.  That isn’t exactly the case anymore and to be honest, hasn’t been for quite some time.  I also have other interests in my life that I devote my free time to.  I’m also a professional freelance designer and even more of my time goes to running a side business.

Greg Proops will always remain an important individual to me.  If GPN does shut down, it is not due to anything personal.  I simply am moving forward with the next chapter in my life, and I feel it’s unfair to keep such a major site running that I can no longer fully commit myself to.

I am not looking to give the site to anyone, so please do not ask.  GPN was my labor of love and is too much my own project to give away to someone else.

For those who have been loyal site visitors for years – thank you, sincerely.  For those of you who are newer visitors, I thank you as well.  And to Greg, well, he already has had my thanks for years.

This is *not* a final farewell notice, but like I said, I might one day soon close doors for good.  So please, while the site still stands, enjoy it.  Is there a chance I’ll revert the suspension and begin working on the site again?  Definitely, but if that happens, it is a ways down the road.

Thank you for your understanding.