Just recently, we heard of a rumor involving a possible resurrection of Whose Line (or, some sort of other improv show, that would involve at least Drew Carey and Greg Proops). However, out of the blue, it seems that murmurings of new projects have suddenly sprouted and taken wing!

      It seems that we finally have a bit more information concerning Greg’s newest album! Well over a year ago, we mentioned rumors of a new comedy CD coming out. Now the item officially has a name: Elsewhere. The CD is being released by “A Special Thing Records” (a company that is well-known for releasing comedy-related material). However, we still don’t know of its release date, nor do we know the actual content of the CD. It had originally been rumored to be a CD featuring content from Greg’s chat show at Largo, though this is not confirmed. However, speaking as one who has attended Largo a few times now, a Largo CD would be most welcome!

      Greg’s had a history of playing the role of ‘television host’. He played this role well with shows such as Space Cadets, Rendez-View, and V.S. He’s also hosted numerous other small items for television (such as Memory Skills). Thus, when it was just announced that Greg will reprising his role as a TV host for a brand-new game show called “Head Games“, we were both intrigued and yet not too surprised to see him going back to bat at something which he obviously does well. “Head Games” will be shown on the Science Channel, and was created by and will be produced by Whoopi Goldberg. It is said that the show will involve videos of the craziest science riddles and questions. The show will be shot in front of a live studio audience in New York City, New York, and possible contestants are already being chosen! If you are interested in being a contestant, the casting call ad from Craigslist stated the following:

      The Science Channel and Executive Producer Whoopi Goldberg are currently looking for a select group of bright, witty people who would like to appear as contestants on a new game show and aren’t afraid to mix it up with host Greg Proops…and maybe win some cash. You don’t need to know Einstein’s Theories or be a master at quantum physics. You only need to choose the right answer…and have fun while you’re doing it.

      For more information on how to be a contestant, please click this link. Auditions are already being held, and filming is set to commence in late August, with the show rumored to begin airing early October.

      If you’re interested in attending a taping (or two or three) of “Head Games”, email headgamesaudience@gmail.com and be sure to include your name and phone number so that a member of the audience department can contact you with more information.

      But that’s not all! Mr. Proops has definitely been keeping himself busy, as it was also just announced that he is piloting a new show for ESPN called “GSI: Game Scene Investigation“. The only description we currently have of the show are as follows:

      In the show, Greg will set out to investigate and uncover the truth behind some of sport’s most famous myths. Are they real or fake?

      Indeed, it’s an interesting concept, especially to sports fans. As knowledgeable as Greg is about both history and sports (especially baseball), this is right up his alley. Stay tuned for further updates on when GSI will be hitting your television sets.

      As a bit of pure speculation, just recently in an interview, Greg had mentioned that he was working on a possible new show that would involve him traveling all around the globe. Either there is yet another pilot in the works… or he was referring to GSI. (Don’t forget about the mysterious pilot, too, that was filmed back in May!)

      Either way, the Proopdog has been extremely busy as of late. With so many new projects and shows and comedy CDs, Greg is really strutting his stuff. And of course, he continues to tour with both his improv and stand-up, as well as is still a part of “True Jackson VP”!

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