Back on June 3rd, we announced the prospect of a new television series called “True Fashion” that would feature Greg in a reoccuring role. The pilot had been filmed, but there had been no word on whether or not the series would be picked up. That is, until now. Nickelodean has announced that it will air the series later this fall, the new title re-fashioned (no pun intended) to “True Jackson, VP“. Nickelodean, which will air the series during their TEENick lineup, has so far ordered twenty episodes of the show. An except from a recent article in Yahoo! Finance quotes:

“The first episode introduces True Jackson as a no-nonsense teenager selling sandwiches outside the offices of a major fashion label. When the head of the company, Max (Greg Proops) is solicited by her, he notices True’s young yet marketable fashion sense and offers her a job on-the-spot as Vice President in charge of his youth apparel line. She accepts and soon encounters the office politics: her older — and bitter — executive assistant Cricket and resentful colleague Amanda (Danielle Bisutti). But with the help of her high school friends, Lulu (Ashley Argota) and Ryan (Matt Shively), True quickly acclimates to the corporate culture and deals with it as if it was just another day in high school.”

      Filming is set to begin in September. We can only hope that filming will not interfere with Greg’s current tour schedule during that month. More information concerning the show will be posted as updates present themselves!

      On a different thread, Cyxork 7 was re-released onto DVD a few days ago. If you still need your copy, you can pick it up on Amazon or Ebay.