Some time ago last year, GPN announced that Greg would be doing commentary work in the upcoming Wii Game “MadWorld”. It has finally been announced that MadWorld will be released on March 10th for the US, and on March 20th for all countries that are members of the EU. Greg plays Howard, one of two Death Watch commentators. The game itself has an arcade gameplay structure, with flat primarily black and white images for a bit of an older school look. The story of the game is that, to quote the official MadWorld website:

“In Varrigan City, driven into quarantine and chaos by the outbreak of a deadly virus, ‘survival of the fittest’ takes on a whole new meaning as trapped citizens are pitted against each other in the gruesome sports show “Death Watch”. Play as Jack and fight to the death as he battles to win the ultimate prize – his life.”

      For a recent interview with Greg and John DiMaggio (who voices as the other commentator) with their thoughts on the game and what went on behind the scenes, do take a moment to read this article.

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