Yes indeed, today marks Gregory Everett Proops’ 49th birthday! From everyone here at Greg Proops Net, and especially myself, we would like to wish Greg a most happy and wonderful birthday, with hopes that there will still be many, many more joyous birthdays in the future yet to come! So please, help us celebrate our favorite comedian’s special day! Feel free to post birthday messages on the site, browse around for our latest updates, or kick back, relax, and watch some Greg!

      To kick things off, we have a rather enormous bundle of news for you this week! To start with, Greg’s second Humphrey the Hamster audio book, “Friendship According To Humphrey”, was officially released yesterday in the UK. This children’s audio CD can be purchased online at Amazon.com – but you must be a UK citizen, due to it currently being a UK-only product.

      Easy To Assemble, the web-based show that Greg appears in alongside Illeana Douglas, has already been making quite a name for itself. After the first episode being on YouTube for just five days and receiving over 300,000 hits, the show was picked up by CBS to air weekly on TV.com. Here is a quote from an article on Tubefilter News:

      After just five days on YouTube, Easy to Assemble has been picked up by CBS in a deal that will have new episodes of the show running exclusively on TV.com for a week after each release, starting Monday the 29th. The IKEA-backed show created by and starring Illeana Douglas racked up over 300,000 views since its debut Monday. This will mark TV.com’s first foray into original scripted content.

      Keep checking back to EasyToAssemble.TV for the latest episodes and postings!

      However, something even more exciting is just around the bend! True Jackson, VP, begins airing on November 8th on the Nickelodeon channel right after iCarly! Tension is beginning to mount for this new tween-driven show and as Nick has begun to promote it, the hype is building. Greg seems to have a fairly essential role in the show, so the premiere will be highly anticipated! The very first promotional trailer for the show has been released. You can watch the trailer now by clicking here!

      There has also been some more confirmations concerning other upcoming works of Greg’s, straight from the horse’s mouth. Greg made mention that the Largo CD is still in progress, but said little else about it. We can only hope that it’ll be completed soon! He also affirmed that he will be doing all of the announcing in Nintendo’s Mad World Wii Game, so he will be present in the game itself, not just in the trailer. Its release date is yet to be announced.

      For all of you Whose Line Is It Anyway? fans, rumor has it that the next Whose Line DVD will be released sometime in 2009. In a recent online interview with Warner Home Video, WHV revealed that they are currently in the works of putting together the Season 2 DVD of Whose Line, and that it’d hit the shelves sometime next year. Whether it will be like series one with two split DVDs, or if it will be combined into one or a small box set, is currently unknown.