To kick off our most recent installment of news, we have a bit of an exciting rumor! In a recent interview, Greg made mention of a new comedy CD! This CD, however, would not necessarily be like his other standup CDs. No, rather, this CD would be focusing on The Greg Proops Chat Show at Largo! So far, other than this initial announcement, we have no news on the CD (what all it will contain, how it will be structured, release dates, etc.), but I will post more info as it presents itself.

      If you’re a gamer, you just might have noticed that Greg is the narrator in the trailer for Mad World, a new Nintendo Wii game. It is currently unknown if this voice work was just for the commercial alone, or if Greg will be featured as the narrator throughout the entire game. If you’d like to watch the promo, just click this link.

      Back on June 19th, I made mention that Greg revealed in a fairly recent interview that he’d recently done some voicework for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, in a villain role. However, it was never specified whether this VO work was for the film that was released today (in the US), or the new television series. However, I can now confirm that it will be for the TV series, as I attended a screening of the new animated film, and Greg was not a participant. So, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any news concerned the television show (which begins airing October 3rd in the US).

      Lastly, for our US and Canadian viewers, if you love The Nightmare Before Christmas, then you’re in for a real treat! Disney just re-released Nightmare on a special two-disk 15th anniversary collector’s edition DVD. The new DVD is digitally remastered, and includes a host of new features and extras, including a behind-the-scenes making of Nightmare, a special on the worlds in the film, deleted scenes, audio commentaries, and more! The DVD is already on sale, and should be available in your local retailer!