Yesterday, Greg Proops’ latest comedy album “Elsewhere” was released! The album features roughly an hour of non-stop hilarity. From angry, edgy, biting humor to his razor sharp wit and sheer plethora of intelligence and astounding vocabulary, this album will take you on a whirlwind joyride of comedy. It can quite easily be considered his most vicious album yet, mercilessly tackling and throwing down on subjects concerning the miseries of living ‘elsewhere’, why Britney makes us feel good about our pathetic lives again, ponderings on how the Olsen twins’ heads manage to stay afloat on their toothpick bodies, how Evel Knievel was actually the real life version of Wile E. Coyote, why women actually have brains and use them unlike men, and how Hillary Clinton’s proverbial member is swift, massive, and entirely dangerous to all who threaten. These are just but a few grains of sand on the topics that are covered, as I could not even begin to properly do the genius of this album justice. You must – I require, nay, demand this of you – purchase it and listen to it for yourself, so that you, too, may feel the love for the Proopkitty and worship his comedic divinity.

      There are two ways to go about purchasing. The album can be downloaded online in the form of MP3s from either iTunes or Amazon, or you can purchase a hard copy from A Special Thing Records. The cost is only a mere $10 either way.

Download From iTunes

Download From Amazon

Order A Copy From A Special Thing Records

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