Recently, GPN broke a bucketload of news concerning a string of new projects that it seemed that Greg was involved in. Well, thanks to the live interview Greg partook in on August the 6th on BlogTalkRadio, I was able to speak to him directly to obtain some more information concerning these projects. Overall, there was some good news mixed in with the bad.

      To start with, it seems that the aforementioned possible Whose Line Is It Anyway?-like show return is currently at a halt. Even though he had mentioned that he couldn’t speak of it, I still took a stab and inquired about it, wondering if he could allude to anything at all. Our conversation was as follows:

Greg: “I would exhale, because I don’t think there’s going to be anything really soon, but hopefully. We’ll see. But the thing with Drew… I don’t think so, and I would be dishonest if I said yes that it’s going to happen, so…”
Diane: “So it’s looking like a no-go?”
Greg: “Pretty much. For the moment, because you know, things change.”
Diane: “Can you tell us more about it since it is looking like a no-go?”
Greg: “No, I can’t. It was too much of Drew’s thing, and it never got further than that, so I can’t really tell you, but yeah, you know… it would have been everything that everybody would have wanted. But other things will happen.”

      While it does give us some answers, it also leaves a lot of room open for interpretation. Perhaps in the future something else will come about, which Greg was slightly hinting at – though that could have just been Greg being hopeful, but then again, possibly something is going on underground that he simply can’t speak of. The fact that he said that ‘it would have been everything that everybody would have wanted’ leads me to believe that the original project with Drew was, indeed, similar to a Whose Line resurrection-type show. It is too bad, and very sad, that this will not be happening – at least, not sometime in the near future. We can only keep hoping!

      Along the lines of bad news, it seems that “GSI: Game Scene Investigation” is, as Greg put it, “sleeping with the fishes”. Apparently the pilot was actually created in 2007, but was never picked up. We regret to admit that this will not be happening whatsoever!

      However, it’s time to lighten the mood with some good news! I was able to garner some information from Greg concerning the mysterious pilot that he shot back on May 10th, 2009, at the Grand Star Jazz Club in Chinatown. (Scroll down to the news article “A New Pilot In The Works?” on May 26th to read more about the original finding.) This is what Greg responded with to my questioning:

“That was something that is still up in the air for Sundance Channel, and I don’t think they’ve been able to make it happen yet, so I can’t say that it’s going to happen. It was Hari Kondabalo, who is a very funny young comedian, and Laura Swisher, and I, and the whole premise is that we go to different cultures and do stand-up. And I would be the wizened old baboon who they would come to as the law giver, because I’ve been a lot of places and I’m old, and they are in their late 20’s, I reckon, and dead funny, and keen. And we would try to bring American, you know, things to other lands. And Hari is, you know, his family is from India, and Laura is, I think, a black girl who was raised by white people. I think she was adopted. So they have really interesting backgrounds and that was the whole premise, I think, was to send a representative slice of America abroad. But as I say, I don’t think they’ve made a decision yet. It might still be alive. Let’s all cross our fingers. That would have been really fun, because we would have traveled all around the world.”

      So we can only hope, and, as Greg says, cross our fingers, that this will come about. I, personally, find this an intriguing concept – a travel show meets comedy show sort of ordeal. As the normal point of travel shows is to focus on architecture, history, and the culture of a particular place, it might be interesting to see what, exactly, makes these cultures, these people, actually laugh – to what degrees would they respond to the three American comics. Again, hopefully Sundance will pick this up and make it happen!

      Lastly, we still don’t have any definition release dates on Elsewhere yet, but it looks like it’s going to be soon. Greg recently approved the artwork and did some other things for the album, so I’m placing bets on a mid-autumn release. We also were able to learn that the material is from a little bit before the election – so it will be a bit dated. (However, anyone who knows Greg and his stand-up very well at all can tell you that he changes it constantly, and that the term ‘dated’ can thus be used loosely.) We’ll keep you posted on news concerning Elsewhere as it comes around!

      Finally, we just have one small snippet before we end this lengthy news posting. Greg Proops Net is proud to say that Greg has graciously consented to grant us an interview sometime in the near future! I don’t know when the interview will be. It will be a written/typed interview and not live, but I, for one, am greatly looking forward to it. So be sure to keep an eye out for that as well!

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