Just announced today, a brand-new, innovative comedy show featuring Greg entitled “Easy To Assemble” is set to hit the internet on September 22nd. This web-only show is about a Hollywood actress, Illeana Douglas, who quits showbusiness to become an employee at an IKEA in Burbank, California. The series concerns her trouble returning to ‘normal’ life, as well as dealing with stalkers, celebrity friends, gossip columnists, and more.

      For the official site of the show, and where you’ll be able to view the episodes as of September 22nd, visit EasyToAssemble.TV.

      For an article with more information concerning “Easy To Assemble”, please click here.

      “Easy To Assemble” is a sort of revamped version of a series made back in 2006 called “Illeanarama”, which also featured Greg in a single episode. This very short show, sporting many of the same people as “Easy To Assemble”, had the same basis as well, except it was set in a grocery store. In “Illeanarama”, Greg plays Illeana’s agent, Ben. Whether or not Greg will be represing this role currently remains unknown.

      If you’d like to watch Greg’s appearance on “Illeanarama”, here is the download link for you (which can also be found on the Video Clips page):

      Illeanarama – Episode 2

      More information on “Easy To Assemble” will be posted as it comes along!