818 is a new independent comedy film that will find Greg in the role of a character named Barry. There is very little to be found about the film itself at the moment, let alone about Greg’s character. However, the plot synopsis as posted via the 818 IMDB page can be quoted as follows:

“For eight glorious years Alyssa Rampart-Pillage ruled prime-time television, starring in the hit medical drama, “HMO Nurse.” But these days, Alyssa’s doing commercials for her husband’s Valley-based appliance store chain. After the accidental death of their daughter, Alyssa’s husband has a spiritual crisis, and starts giving away all of their money to charity… until Alyssa intervenes. A modern riff on Electra, 818 is about Fame, Family and Celebrity Justice.”

      Look for more information on 818 as it develops and envelops!

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